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About Dr. Matt Parker & Kara Spangler


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Ross University School of Vet Med, 2009)

Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (Chi Institute, 2015)

Certified Veterinary Medical Manipulation Practitioner (IVMI, 2016)

Veterinary Massage and Rehabilitation Therapist (Healing Oasis, 2020)

(US Army Active 1993-1998)

Dr. Matt Parker grew up in Roanoke, Virginia.  But as of 2021 he has traded the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains that he calls 'home' for the clear blue warm sunny skies of Florida!

​He practiced the Conventional (what many think of as Western or 'regular') veterinary medicine that is taught in Veterinary School for several years before he started seeking out non-conventional (alternative) medicine.

Like so many veterinarians and pet-owners, Dr. Parker was becoming more and more frustrated by ongoing allergy cases, skin problems, pet obesity and many other ailments that couldn't be resolved or explained by the Conventional Western medicine that we are taught in vet school. Like you and your vet, he tried all the steroids and antibiotics and super-high-tech prescription foods to help his patients with allergies and auto-immune problems. But more often than not it didn't work well enough, or it didn't work at all.

​As Dr. Parker started reading more about human health and nutrition he began to understand that processed foods are a big part of OUR (human) health problems. He began looking for more natural nutrition and treatment options for himself and his patients.  Christopher McDougall's 2009 book Born To Run is what really prompted Dr. Parker to make significnt lifestyle changes.

​As Dr. Parker started to discover the vast realm of non-Conventional (alternative) therapies that are available he realized that he was no longer just seeking knowledge, but that he was now seeking understanding and acceptance of some things that defy our modern reductionist scientific process.  The most important concept that is consistent over all 'Holistic' theories is that all illness & disease is due to an imbalance in the body or the intimate or far-reaching environment that we live in.

Dr. Parker has adopted a truly Holistic approach to animal and human health that explores biologically-appropriate nutrition, lifestyle & exercise & social interactions, emotional & physiological issues from the past, chemical & environmental toxicities and accumulations, herbs & glandular supplements, acupuncture, chiropractic, while not forgetting that modern Western medicine also has great value when used properly.

To be able to solve problems and treat our pets to improve their health, and to be able to "fix" chronic problems that affect the quality-of-life of the pet and the pet's caretaker—these are the reasons that made most veterinarians suffer through so much schooling in the first place. Dr. Parker is thrilled to be able to provide such a wonderful service for our animals!

Kara Spangler, LMT

Certified Yoga Teacher Training, 2018

Licensed Massage Therapist, 2020

Kara has always been drawn to caring-for and healing animals and people.  She is our veterinary technician and energy-healer.

She was a Vet Tech from early-on, and moved into the house across the street from the old-school one-doctor country vet because she loved caring for the animals so much!

A natural-born Empath and greatly influenced by Energies and the Cosmos, she is very much in-tune with nature.  She is a natural animal communicator, and pets who are usually nervous in the vet-clinic setting tend to become calm and trusting in Kara's presence.

She spent many years working in management, but now she is back where she has always belonged, caring for animals and helping their people!

After decades of tropical dreaming, she has finally made it to Florida where she can shine!  She is very happy to be able to work along-side Dr. Parker in helping to heal your pets!

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About Dr. Parker & Kara (and Zip!)
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