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Thanks for reaching out to us!

If you have questions about the Holistic Veterinary House Call services that we provide, please see the Fees page  on our website.


If you have questions about whether we think we can help your dog or cat, the answer is almost-always 'Yes!'.

But to be sure we'll need to see the previous records and the information that you'll provide online after we've scheduled your appointment.  Providing the information on our online intake forms is the best way to help us better prepare to help your pet!

We have spent a lot of time & effort in trying to provide as much information as possible on the pages in this site to hopefully give you a good understanding of what we do.

If you contact us with additional questions, please be advised that due to the nature of our house-call practice it may be thefollowing business day before we reply.  We'll obviously do our best to not make you wait several days for a reply, but sometimes we're so busy that it can take that long.  This is another reason why we are not able to properly respond to emergency requests.

Our email address is

Be sure to look for our response in your spam or junk mail folder if you haven't received a reply!

If you are unable to complete the requested intake forms on our scheduling website, or for other issues not addressed here, you can call or leave a message at 772-932-4877.  Similar to our email disclaimer, we'll return your call during the day between appointments if possible, or it may be the following business day depending on our house-call schedule.

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