• Balance- just like their humans, animals need to live a balanced life.  Acupuncture & herbs & proper foods, along with spinal manipulation and exercise, help keep our pets' bodies in balance for optimal health & longevity & disease prevention.

An Integrative Vet is a Holistic Vet that combines Eastern Medicine with Conventional Western Medicine

  • Conventional Western Medicine is great and very necessary for broken bones and emergency trauma, but isn't very good for allergies and skin infections and auto-immune diseases and other chronic illnesses that keep coming back- Eastern Medicine and Chiropractic can do what Western medicine can not.

  • Effects of the modern lifestyle are often overlooked by Modern medicine and modern pet-parents.  Biologically-appropriate nutrition and species (or breed)-appropriate exercise and exposure to the outdoors as well as proper social-structure are imperative to Holistic health!

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine treats a problem by recognizing and bringing balance to all the small different variables that make us (and our pets) individual; Western medicine does not recognize the individual differences and treats a symptom the same way regardless of the differences among individuals.

  • Functional Medicine aims to find the root-cause and source of an individual's problems.  Whether it is a chronic immunity issue, and sudden illness, or ongoing behavior problems, we want to find the underlying source of these problems.  Only by finding the underlying cause can we ever hope to correct the problem.

  • Although we are a Holistic Vet practicing Eastern Medicine and Chiropractic, we still recognize the importance and value of Western Medicine and we understand that COMPLETE veterinary care will INTEGRATE all disciplines including Eastern, Functional, AND Western Medicine.