Pet Food Ingredient Transparency & Sourcing Project

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As a Holistic & Integrative & Functional Veterinarian, the core of our practice philosophy is proper nutrition.  At Roanoke Animal Chiropuncture, Dr. Matt Parker uses food and acupuncture and chiropractic and other means to help correct chronic problems and to keep pets healthy.
We need to work harder to educate pet-parents about the ability of Holistic Veterinary Medicine to help prevent those chronic problems from occurring in the first place.

With proper nutrition being core to our philosophy, we find that we spend a great deal of time educating pet-parents about biologically-appropriate raw & whole foods & home-cooked diets.

However, the reality is that the vast majority of pet-parents are unable to switch away from feeding dry kibble to their dogs & cats.  So, we need to be able to provide solid education about the myriad of choices in regard to dry kibble pet food selection.

There are several web sites and other resources that are designed to help us make decisions when choosing a dry kibble food for our pets, but it seems that none of them are complete.  Examples include the popular Dog Food Advisor which doesn't do much more than translate the label for us.  There is also Clean Label Project which identifies heavy metal and chemical contaminants in certain brands and batches.  However, neither of these (or any others that I have found) can give us the whole picture and whole story about any particular brand or variety.

Specifically, I seek to gain first-hand on-site knowledge about the quality and sourcing of the ingredients that are used in any brand of dry kibble.  I want to see for myself how the vegetables are grown and what artificial chemicals they are (or are not) exposed to.  I want to see for myself how the meats (animals) & fish that go into pet food spend their lives; how they interact with their natural environment, what they are fed, how they are treated and transported, what chemicals are in their feed and the soil where they (hopefully) graze.

In short, I want to know exactly what is being put into each brand of pet food, and I want to combine that information with other sources for a better understanding of the whole picture.  Given the fact that pet food marketing and advertising is (to be polite) misleading, and that the customer service representatives at most of the big companies know nothing about the factory floor or sourcing of the ingredients, I intend to travel to farms and factories to see the evidence with my own eyes.  That is the only way that I will be able to educate and counsel you about selecting the pet food that is right for you and your pet.

This Go Fund Me campaign is intended to bring Roanoke Animal Chiropuncture and Dr. Parker into a financial position where we are able to investigate ingredients and help to improve industry transparency as described above.

With the meeting of our fundraising goal, we will be able to proceed with our efforts to bring the full truth about pet food ingredients and sourcing and ethics to the public.  Click here to help!