Contact us for Questions (but no longer seeing appointments)

We are a Holistic, Integrative & Functional Veterinary Medicine Practitioner formerly serving the Roanoke Virginia area, but as of June 2021 have moved to Florida and are no longer available to see patients in the Roanoke Virginia area.  HOWEVER, we have listed a few like-minded local veterinarians that Dr. Parker personally recommends based on your pets condition and needs:

  • For a fully Non-Conventional ('Alternative', or Chinese Herbs, or 'Holistic') approach, consider Dr. Bridget Quatmann at Veterinary Wellness Center of Roanoke;

  • For Spinal Manipulation or Chiropractic, consider Dr. Nellie Bierly who may be found at the Animal Wellness Center of Crozet, and may also visit the Star City Canine Club in Roanoke monthly;

  • For Rehabilitation (which I think almost every dog needs, not just 'injured' dogs, consider Riverside Veterinary Clinic in Goode, or Dr. Wilson at Brandon Animal Hospital in Roanoke;

  • For an overall Integrative approach using Conventional Western Medicine alongside 'Alternative' modalities, consider Dr. Todd and Hanging Rock Animal Hospital in Roanoke, I also like him and the owner at HRAH, Dr. Cynthia Honeycutt, for surgery and dentistry;

  • For more advanced orthopedic or Rehab cases, Veterinary Orthopedic & Sports Medicine (VOSM) in Annapolis Junction MD is the best place you can go on the East Coast;

  • Lastly, for an approach very similar to mine, you could travel to Davidson NC to see my original 'Holistic' mentor, Dr. Nicole Sheehan, at Whole Pet Vet Davidson.


Feel free to contact Dr. Matt Parker to help you and your pet through one of the following methods:


Contact Dr. Matt Parker directly through this website or via email to schedule a Holistic consultation with suggested treatment options.  Dr. Parker is available to help your pet using a completely non-Conventional approach that focuses on underlying causes of disease and whole-body health.

The following fees no longer apply, although a fee may be requested for the more-complicated or lengthier email consultations.


  • Initial Holistic Exams are $150 and include a thorough review of your pet's past medical history along with an initial chiropractic adjustment (or other appropriate body work) and/or acupuncture as well as a thorough discussion about how to best treat your pet going forward.

  • Nutritional changes will usually be recommended and often specific nutritional supplements and Chinese herbs will be recommended which are not included in the cost of the exam.

    • We will provide access to Standard Process for direct ordering of nutritional supplements.

    • Other Chinese herbs may be paid for up-front and drop-shipped directly to you within a few days.

  • An additional $2 per mile one-way travel fee may be added for travel greater than 15-20 miles from Roanoke on a case-by-case basis.

  • Follow-up treatments are $80 - $100 and their frequency depends on your pet's condition.