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We are a Holistic, Integrative & Functional Veterinary Medicine Practitioner serving the Roanoke Virginia and surrounding areas.


Feel free to contact Dr. Matt Parker to help you and your pet through one of the following methods:


Contact Dr. Matt Parker directly through this website or via email to schedule a thorough Holistic consultation and treatment.  Dr. Parker is available to help your pet using a completely non-Conventional approach that focuses on underlying causes of disease and whole-body health.  He is available in the Roanoke Virginia area with limited house-call availability.

  • Initial Holistic Exams are $150 and include a thorough review of your pet's past medical history along with an initial chiropractic adjustment (or other appropriate body work) and/or acupuncture as well as a thorough discussion about how to best treat your pet going forward.

  • Nutritional changes will usually be recommended and often specific nutritional supplements and Chinese herbs will be recommended which are not included in the cost of the exam.

    • We will provide access to Standard Process for direct ordering of nutritional supplements.

    • Other Chinese herbs may be paid for up-front and drop-shipped directly to you within a few days.

  • An additional $2 per mile one-way travel fee may be added for travel greater than 15-20 miles from Roanoke on a case-by-case basis.

  • Follow-up treatments are $80 - $100 and their frequency depends on your pet's condition.