Matt Parker, DVM CVA CVMMP

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, 2009)

Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (Chi Institute, 2015)

Certified Veterinary Medical Manipulation Practitioner (Integrative Veterinary Medicine Institute, 2016)

Dr. Matt Parker grew up in Roanoke, Virginia. He practiced veterinary medicine away from Roanoke for the first several years of his career, but his family and the beautiful mountains around Roanoke called him back home in 2016.

​He practiced Conventional (what many think of as Western or 'regular') veterinary medicine in northern Virginia and Austin, Texas for several years before he started seeking out non-conventional (alternative) medicine.

Like so many veterinarians and pet-owners, Dr. Parker was becoming more and more frustrated by ongoing allergy cases, skin problems, pet-obesity and many other ailments that couldn't be resolved or explained by the Conventional Western medicine that we are taught in vet school. Like you and your vet, he tried all the steroids and antibiotics and super-high-tech prescription foods to help his patients with allergies and immune system problems. But more often than not it didn't work well enough, or it didn't work at all.

​As Dr. Parker started reading more about human health and nutrition he began to understand that processed foods are a big part of OUR (human) health problems. He began looking for more natural nutrition and treatment options for himself and his patients.

​He quickly found that so many of the problems that are not explained by Conventional Western medicine are completely understood by Traditional Chinese Medicine and several other 'Holistic' ideas—and that these problems can be solved. Traditional Chinese Medicine and any other Holistic approach will view the body and the world around us in a way that is dramatically different from Conventional medicine.

Dr. Parker set out to learn about Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. His search for knowledge and understanding led him to 2 key sources: the Chi Institute in Florida, and Dr. Nicole Sheehan in Davidson, North Carolina.

Dr. Sheehan (like any sincerely Holistic practitioner) understands and embraces the idea that everything about the body (animal or human) is significant—every single illness or reaction, food cravings, odd behaviors, any seemingly insignificant blood work abnormality, everything is a clue or reason waiting to be understood. She taught Dr. Parker that even if Conventional medicine is not able to provide an explanation for your pet's problems, an explanation does still exist. You just have to think outside the box and apply common sense, and keep digging until you find answers!

​The instructors and mentors at the Chi Institute continue to teach Dr. Parker about all of the ways that Chinese Medicine identifies imbalances in the body and the environment, and how individuals of different constitutions respond to those imbalances, and how to treat them. At the Chi Institute Dr. Parker learned that Chinese Medicine has an answer for so many problems that Conventional medicine does not understand, but those answers are different for each individual animal!

As Dr. Parker started to discover the vast realm of non-conventional (alternative) therapies that are available he realized that he was no longer just seeking knowledge. But that he was now seeking understanding and acceptance of some things that defy our modern reductionist scientific process.

The excitement of being introduced to so many effective alternative concepts led Dr. Parker to then pursue the much different, but equally exciting field of Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation. Ancient Eastern Medicine with Acupuncture combined with the much newer field of Chiropractics seems to treat just about ANY condition!

Dr. Parker has adopted a truly Holistic approach to animal and human health that explores biologically-appropriate nutrition, lifestyle & exercise & social interactions, emotional & physiological issues from the past, chemical & environmental toxicities and accumulations, herbs & glandular supplements, acupuncture, chiropractic, while not forgetting that modern Western medicine also has great value when used properly.

To be able to solve problems and treat our pets to improve their health, and to be able to "fix" chronic problems that affect the quality-of-life of the pet and the pet's caretaker—these are the reasons that made most veterinarians suffer through so much schooling in the first place. Dr. Parker is thrilled to be able to provide such a wonderful service for our animals!

Dr. Matt Parker operated Roanoke Animal ChiroPuncture for much of 2017 & 2018, but it simply was not financially viable.  As of June 2019 he joined Drs. Cynthia Honeycutt and Todd Czarnecki at Hanging Rock Animal Hospital where he can stay true to himself while being a complete and thorough veterinarian; he practices a wide array of Holistic principles while also performing all aspects of Western 'regular' general practice such as surgery, X-rays, judicious individualized use of vaccinations and pharmaceuticals.


Dr. Parker is very happy to be part of the team at Hanging Rock Animal Hospital where he can work to make our Roanoke Valley pets healthier, contribute to his hometown economy, be near family, and go for long runs in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains!

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